4th -5th MAY 2018

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The most successful tribute band of all time, Björn Again are the only ABBA show kindly praised by Benny and Bjorn of ABBA.

The band’s fans include Dave Grohl, Tom Jones, U2, Metallica and Robert Plant/Led Zeppelin. The band also played an integral part in launching the film ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ at its World Premiere at The Cannes Film Festival in 1994.

This world class ABBA revival band has been described by the media

as ‘one of the most entertaining rock shows in the world today’ (Time Out, New York), and by audiences as ‘pure fun’, ‘immense joy’ and ‘the perfect escape’.

Bjorn Again’s super high quality re-creation of ABBA’s timeless hits, combined with all the glitzy 70’s stage costumes, Swenglish banter and hilarious stage antics, creates the ultimate live show which has been described as ‘pure joy’, ‘the ultimate escape’ and ‘the most fun you can have wearing platform shoes and flares’. The energy generated by audiences at Bjorn Again concerts has to be seen to be believed.

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