Vendor Application

Terms and Conditions

We look forward to welcoming you here in Trundle for the Trundle ABBA Festival. In order to facilitate efficient set-up on the day,


we request that our stall holders abide by the following procedures:

  1. All vendors will be trading within the Village precinct of Berryman Oval on Oct 17 2020.

  2. This year, the Festival is being held within an enclosed/fenced area. Each and every person will

    need an armband to enter. 

  3. Food Vendors will be situated in the enclosed section of the festival.

  4. Food vendors will be supplied with two complimentary armbands per standard site.
    If vendors wish to have additional persons on their stall, armbands will need to be purchased via or at the 123 tix booth on the day.

  5. Vendors Set-up commences strictly from 7am. No set-up will be permitted prior to this time and to be operational by 11:00pm.

  6. In addition to the 3m x 3m area for your stall, each site is allocated room for one vehicle
    (2m x 3m; a total of 5m x 3m). Should your support vehicle require more space, please advise ASAP to be acommodated as this information may change the location of your stall.

  7. Allocation of sites is at the sole discretion of the Trundle ABBA Festival team. There will be no changes to this allocation on the festival day.

  8. Food vendors are required to trade until 9pm when the gates close. Pack-down is not permitted until  9:00pm on Saturday 2nd May 2020 with the site cleared by 12 midnight. 

  9. Once stall applications have been accepted, fees are non-refundable

  10. Stall applications close on 20 February, 2020

  11. Full payment due and payable before 28 February, 2020 at 5:00pm

  12. Vendors and Market Stalls must provide own Public Liability Insurance.

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