4th -5th MAY 2018

Volunteer Registration Form

To register as a volunteer please either download this PDF file or coplete the registration online

PLEASE RETURN YOUR COMPLETED FORM BY MONDAY 2 APRIL 2018 to: Trundle ABBA Festival, PO Box 11, Trundle NSW 2875 or EMAIL: info@trundleabbafestival.com.au

Download Volunteer PDF

Are you between the ages of 18 and 90? *

Do you have a driver's licence? *

Do you have any physical or medical limitations or are you on any medication or under any course of treatment which might limit your ability to perform certain types of activities? *

Please indicate the days and times you would be available: eg. 9am - 11am

Please indicate your shirt size? (Volunteers will be required to wear Festival issued unisex t-shirts) *

What areas of the Festival are of interest to you in volunteering *

Emergency Contact Details

Volunteer's Declaration

I certify that the information i have provided is true and correct.I understand and agree to the following conditions of volunterring:

1. No payment will e amde to me by Trundle ABBA Festival.

2. Only when I am assisting Trundle ABBA Festival in a clearly defined volunteer capacity and that assistance is approved by the Festival, will I be covered for Public Liability Insurance.

3. Should any incident or near miss (resulting in injury or damage to property or other parties) occur while I am acting as a volunteer of Trundle ABBA Festival, I will notify my supervisor immediately.

4. Trundle ABBA Festival will not cover costs incurred by volunteers driving private vehicles.

Comprehensive car insurance is recommended.

5. I understand that Trundle ABBA Festival can terminate this arrangement without notice where the volunteer's needs no longer exist or the provision of the Volunteer Policy are not adhered to.

Trundle ABBA Festival will not discloe your personal information beyond the relevant members of the festival team unless required by law or you have given your consent. However, in order to perform the above functions, we may need to disclose some personal information to releve=ant committees. By completing and signing this registration form yo are giving consent to Trundle ABBA Festival to manage your personal information in the manner described.