4th -5th MAY 2018



The Trundle ABBA Festival welcomes everyone and we are constantly working on ways to improve the site and the experience for all. Here are some things that might be useful for you to know, before you arrive:

  • The event is held in  Berryman Oval, 150m from the main street. The oval’s surface is grass.
  • The pathways are either bitumen, cement or gravel.
  • The accessible amenity blocks provided are clean, but basic and in one handy location. See the festival map for specific locations.
  • The weather conditions in May are generally quite mild & suitable for spandex and sequins but evenings can be quite cool. 


  • The festival offers daytime accessible parking facilities for our day and night visitors.
  • You will need to download Accessible Parking Form to register before coming on site. We ask that you send in your form prior to the 30 April, 2018 – this way we can best cater for your needs.
  • For accessible parking, we have a limited number of spaces in Gobondery Street adjacent to Berryman Oval.
  • These spaces must be pre-booked using the Accessible Parking Form, which needs to be submitted to the festival office by the 30 April, 2018.
  • Click here to download the Accessible Parking Form.

We understand that equal access can sometimes mean being accompanied by a carer, and so we offer complimentary carer/companion tickets on an individual needs basis. If you’d like to chat to us about this, just send an email to info@trundleabbafestival.com.au so we can begin the conversation.

Assistance Animals
We understand that equal access can sometimes mean being accompanied by an Assistance Animal. Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs and trained Assistance Animals are welcome in the Festival precinct 

Inside the Festival
Accessible toilets can be found in a central location within the festival precinct and at Berryman Oval. See the festival map for specific locations.

Contact Us
We are happy to assist people with disabilities in making plans for a pleasant and safe festival experience and look forward to welcoming you to Trundle.

Please download the form available above and return them via email to ensure that your Accessible Parking space is secured. If you need further assistance or information please email info@trundleabbafestival.com.au